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Collaboration with Daniel Segerberg and students from Hedeskolan in Kungsbacka
Cardboard boxes and three flat screens with flash mob 1-3



Flash mob 1: Café Trubaduren, 26 Aug 2013 ”Follow-the-Leader

HD 4:03 min
Format: 16:9
Audio: steroe



Flash mob 2: Kungsmässan, 27 Aug 2013, ”To Tie my Shoe

HD 2:58 min
Format: 16:9
Audio: stereo



Flash mob 3: Kungsbacka Square, 28 Aug 2013, ”My Hometown

HD 5 min
Format: 16:9
Audio: stereo


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Kungsbacka is a small town in Sweden next to the countryside where we spend our summers. We wanted to get to know the town and its people better and for them to get to know us. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to make an exhibition at the Kungsbacka Art Center. We wanted to find our materials in Kungsbacka. We arrived on the Monday before the opening (on Saturday of the same week) without anything.

Two school classes (15 year old students) from Hedeskolan in Kungsbacka were invited for three days to join us in the process of making this exhibition.

Across the street from the art center is a shopping mall. Daniel was interested in the flow of goods and garbage that passed through this shopping mall each day.

He collected a lot of various old cardboard boxes with his students from the shopping mall. The cardboard became the material for their creative process.


My themes were the present, social norms and the urban space. Each day we did exercises: we played follow-the-leader through the city; we discussed norms: why to break or stretch them, and went out in the town and tried to break a social norm; we went down to the main square and discussed ”how can we use this square in another way than it is thought to be used; how can we stretch this norm?”

Each afternoon we did a kind of an everyday-flash mob.

Flash mob 1: Follow-the-Leader. I bought a cup of coffee and a cookie at a café. The other 12 students entered the café one after the other to buy exactly the same and sat down at other tables around in the café. I drank from my cup and ate from my cookie and the other 12 did exactly the same movements just after me.

Flash mob 2: To Tie my Shoe. I entered the shopping mall and placed myself at an ice-cream bar. The other students entered the mall one by one and found a place from where they could see me. Two were looking in a display window, one was waiting for somebody, three were on the escalator etc. At one point I started to tie my shoe, over and over again. The other 12 modeled after me. For 15 minutes. Then we left.

Flash mob 3: My Hometown. We occupied the main square in Kungsbacka and re-made or used it in our own style. We put up old cans with flowers in them on the lampposts, some used the benches as a starting point for their dance-parkour, some made graffiti and messages with calk, one fixed a broken tree with colourful scotch tape, two washed their clothes in the fountain and put a laundry rope between two lampposts to hang the clothes to dry on, some had a picnic at a bench, etc.

The flash mobs were filmed and shown at the art center together with the installation created out of cardboard by Daniel.

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Co-operation with Daniel Segerberg

Material: used fireworks

Video loop 30 min
picture format 16:9
audio: stereo



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Ouroboros was an installation in two parts made for the space at Krognoshuset in Lund, Sweden, January 2012. We recycled used fireworks from the New Years´ celebration just weeks before the opening of the exhibition. The material went through the videoimage in the basement in the exhibition space. The ”processed” fireworks were then installed on the top floor in the exhibition space.

Ouroboros is an ancient symbol, a snake biting its own tale; where each ends is the beginning of something new.



image/text production of dreams




DVD video loop 15 min
picture format: PAL 4:3

(Dreams is also the name of the most popular Swedish cookie)

An installation where the activity, which is a mixture of a scientific experiment and a process of
baking, is video taped with a camera that moves around the table, one circle per minute. The
experiment/baking is directed by a timeline with noted years of “important” Swedish historical
events. In the baking process each year corresponds to the minutes of the clock. Each minute a
reading of the experiment is done, for example: at “16:03” a 28 cm long spoon is 12 cm down in
a bag with flour”. The “result” is noted on the timeline next to the year 1603 with the
information that Maria Stuart’s son Jacob the First succeeded the throne. The video (15 min loop)
was shown at the table with the remains from the experiment /baking.

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to do list text

My To Do-List was made for the exhibition Environmentality (initiated by Cecilia Parsberg).
On exhibit was the poster where I noted down four errands as well as the day and location of
the completion. I intended to complete all of them within the period of exhibition. Instead of a
rational amount of time for each of my “to-dos” I spent a whole working day for each errand.

I documented my experiences in writing, like entries in my diary. The last day of the exhibit I
read aloud my notes from the day at the post office.

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DVD 11 min
picture format: PAL 4:3
audio: stereo

Video excerpt
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Fragmentedly, one follows a woman and her everyday occupations during a stay in New York City.
Through different strategies, she tries to anchor herself to the city, and tries to establish
memories of the episodes she experiences. She counts in her own time, but become
bewildered because of the images from the place which she, through media, already knows
from before. The images change between memories and present time. The images are
accompanied with a voice over. The voice changes between a voice of a woman and of a man,
sometimes in Swedish, sometimes in English, both address I. The voice talks about memories,
conceptions, routines, expectations and strategies.