Video still from short film in progress (photo Carl Dieker)






Current and upcomings


6 – 10.10.2014

Workshop at Friedrichshagener Grundschule (5 days) together with Verena Resch (artist) and Claudia Lehmann (dance teacher)




Miden Videofestival ArtWall with An Urban Film Map, Athens, Greece

(Urban Scene XIII: Entrance)



An interview in the magazine ARTiculAction; issue MAY 2014



10 – 18.5.2014 (opening Friday 9th May)

Video Dialogue between Ammar Al-Beik (Syria) and Ninia Sverdrup (Sweden/Germany), Art Lab Berlin

(curated by Charlotte Bank)



10 – 24.4.2014

AC Institute, New York, USA

(Solo show)