Video still from the short film Who Counts the Steps of the Sun (40 min). Still in progress (photo Carl Dieker)






Current and upcomings



“Wiederaufbau”, Workshop at the World Refugee Day in the frame of Displaced, SCHLACHTEN Contemporary Art Festival in Luckenwalde, together with Daniel Segerberg and Verena Resch.



June/July 2015

Workshop for “WIllkommen Klasse 1 and 2″ at Grundschule am Buschgraben, Berlin, together with Verena Resch (artist) and Claudia Lehmann (dancer)



28.8 – 1.11.2015

Imago Mundi, Venice; Italy



September 2015

Workshop at Lenau-Grundschule, Berlin, together with Verena Resch (visual artist) and Claudia Lehmann (dancer)



17.9 – 16.10.2015

Invited to the Exhibition: “Let´s come together” (curated by Martin Schibli) at Moscow Biennial 2015, at GROUND Moscow, Russia


An interview in the magazine ARTiculAction; issue MAY 2014