Video still from the installation work Who Counts the Steps of the Sun (40 min).  Photo Carl Dieker



Current and upcomings

23.6. – 9.7.2017
Pole Positions, die Wiesenburg Kulturstelle, Wedding, Berlin
23.6 Exhibition and Midsummerfest

23 & 30.6.2017
Nistkastenhotel, a project at Heinrich-Zille Grundschule with a 4 grade, Berlin

Show and presentation of  ”Who Counts the Steps of the Sun” (40 min film/installation)
at Arnstedt Galleri, Östra Karup, Sweden

Aug 2017
(X)Sites Kattegattleden, a project initiated by with Daniel Segerberg I will construct one of the 20 sites along the cycling path”Kattegattleden”, West Coast in Sweden