PASSAGE: AirPort (2004)

An installation with three videos:

A back projection with a video loop from the perspective of a check-in terminal at an airport
looking out. The outside of the airport is filmed from inside. The inside of the
airport is reflected in the window pane and mixes with the outside. The flatness of the image is
intensified by the sound of the passing vehicles from outside and the footsteps from inside,
which are all re-acted and made at the same sound leval. (4 min loop)

A plasma screen: a woman filmed at a walkway where the background moves but the woman
stand still. A re-make of the intro to the film Jackie Brown. (2 min loop)

Monitor: an interview (in Swedish) with an flight attendant. She talks about routines, jet lag and
how it feels to always be in between time zones. (25 min loop)

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